"this really takes me back..."

"d'you remember?"

17 October
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she likes to draw and be a creative little rabbit. she loves her friends, traveling, writing, drawing and most of all being asian.

she loves to love and speak about herself in the third person. diet products make her happy; however diet pepsi is an exception--it makes her rather sad when she asks for a coke and the restaurant hands her a pepsi instead. woe. diet coke, while it makes her cheeks hurt, is an amazing and sparkly invention.

she doesn't understand politics and where the united states came up with the image of an ass and an elephant as the party animals. she likes to party. does that make her a party animal? if so, does that make her a politician?

she is skilled in english class and other classes that don't involve finding the correct answer all the time. if you find her lack of using capitalization online annoying, kindly turn the other way and learn how to deal. it's the freaking internet.

she cannot live without cereal, baked goods, or AXEL. she fangirls occasionally, but don't hold that against her. she loves KINGDOM HEARTS and runs on video games which include killing harmless bystanders for pleasure such as grand theft auto, assassin's creed and call of duty. [i think this says a lot about my character...]

xD Dx \o/ ._. :| are her most used friends to help express her emotions online.

as you've discovered, she currently ships akuroku. it makes her feel bubbly inside and overall the pairing gives her something to look forward to in life. does that make sense? she specializes in akuroku FANFICTION, FANART and FSTs [fan soundtracks]

japanese class is annoying at times, but she endures it and tries to do the best she can nonetheless.

hm. this applies to life as well.

[more will be added eventually. until then, have this: <(._.)> now doesn't that brighten your day?]

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