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「友だち」 記憶したか?


this journal has been flocked as of november 19, 2008! if you would like to view the journals posted, please send me a comment//message and i will add you. it would be helpful if you could say how you know me//how you found me. if you have the same interests as me, mentioning that detail would be helpful as well. \o/

what good would friend-ing me be?:
scandal and kingdom hearts WONDER.


[goes BOOM]

no, this isn't me switching accounts--this new account that i'm creating is going to be used ONLY for uploading graphics such as icons, sigs, FSTs and possibly banners and fanfiction if i have the time. i may or may not take requests from people, but we'll see how it goes. ♥

so! here is the new account that i'm putting together: heart_obtained

currently the journal is under construction, but in the near future--hopefully before christmas--i'll have something up for saving. \o/ w00t

hey, you. YEAH you.

uhm. i may switch accounts sooner or later if i have the time. i don't know. i just feel the need to change my username. [this is another thing that i don't like about livejournal: IT DOESN'T GIVE ME THE OPTION TO CHANGE MY IDENTITY :|]

so if i do change my account, i'll post the name so friends can re-add me, i suppose. hm.

also: is it a bad thing that i find world war I hysterical? there are just so many things to laugh at.

this is why i don't play wii... D:


my mother gave me a wii for my birthday last year. it was shiny and full of wonder, and today it's still pretty magically delicious.

i kept hearing these stories about teenagers who would fling the remote controls at their TV sets and break the screen, or somehow raise their arms so high that their hands would get caught in the ceiling fan AS IT WAS ROTATING...resulting in a broken finger or...two.

SO. i have not played the wii in at least five months, not because of the stupid stories, but because i've been a busy, busy student. yes, i've been counting the months. :|

[i'm just OCD that way...]

but TODAY! my little sister comes up to me after i come home and says that she really, really wants to play the wii. so i agree and we play for roughly one hour. after that hour, we play wii sports...after she played bowling, she had me play tennis...

i failed to beat the other team 5 TIMES. i was sucked into this moment! i had to beat the jackass on the other team!

...of course, since i haven't played this in a long time and because by nature i am a crazy woman when i lose, i succeed in FORGETTING THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE AROUND ME AS I SWING THE REMOTE, and strike my little sister on the cheek SO HARD that she starts to cry.

OTL;;;; i--i feel so...i feel like such a bum. by this time tomorrow, she will have a little bruise...and i have the strangest feeling that i have given her wii-phobia.

hopefully not. she's a trooper and i love her--BUT STILL.


i have had enough

i've had enough of crying, of sitting in the hallway, sneaking into that gosh-forsaken room and seeing the looks on my friends' faces.

i am sick of hearing rumors and ridiculous blathering from the underclassmen who didn't even give a rat's ASS about him. right now, all i want is to leave school campus for a few days and try to find some solace. i am angry, but i would much rather not be.

sometimes i think how bad an idea it was to accept going into that room. if i hadn't i wouldn't have gotten so close to him. but if i hadn't, i wouldn't have so many amazing girl friends to love. this is awful. i hate to see us all so broken, broken, broken.

girls, please take care of yourselves. i love you all with all my heart and under no circumstances will we be brought down by this horrible, terrible news. if i could, i would most certainly wipe this happening out of history...

but this is just the way fate works.

hearing all this new information about his absence is certainly not relieving. i am anxious and more than anything disappointed. what exactly are boundaries at my school now? no counselor can explain that well enough.


wahhhhleeeCollapse )

...madness, i tell you.
i fucking despise some users on khinsider.com's forums. really. they all make me want to shoot myself in the foot, in the major artery in the leg, in the brain and in the next door neighbor's cat.

it's that bad.

S.T.F.UCollapse )

FUCKING...-incoherent grumbling- -_-'

reno, reno, RENO?

oy! what's up with me and reno lately, yo? lookit me. using his catchphrase. hm. so maybe it's not his. anyone can use it without knowing who in the blazes reno is.

but i digress.

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square enix happens to have a gift at pissing off the public.